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Goldie Edp 100 ML

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  • A pleasurable and lavish perfume formulated to blend with her optimistic glow.
  • The perfume very much represents the modern-day glamorous and inspiring women
  • Fruity Floral fragrance of the perfume is rejuvenating and amazingly blended with various fragrant ingredients.
  • Every note will surprise you with its stunning aroma and enhance your mood.
  • Suitable for lavishing parties, casual hang out with friends or at work, this perfume will positively help you to stand a class apart from others.

A premium quality of fragrance crafted from the exclusive ingredients for a marvellous experience filled with the idyllic aroma. Top to base note of the perfume gives feel-good feeling and puts you in a happy state. The fragrance starts to work its way up the moment you spritz it. Everyone would want to sniff it the moment you pass by leaving a remarkable expression. The top note has the fruity essence of the delicious Apple while giving the hints of spice derived from the Pepper, making a perfect combination for the start. It strikes you with those fruity aromas which you will never want to miss even for a bit. The essence of naturally cultivated legendary Rose, Jasmine & Orris is engraved at heart of the fragrance for the floral enthusiastic aroma which lingers wherever you go. With the final touch of Vanilla & Musk at base note completes the perfumes astonishing fragrance, making it a perfectly blended fruity floral perfume for women. The perfume has undeniably charming yet classic fragrance, it is bright, effervescent and outdoorsy.


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