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Discovery Set of 5 Eau De Perfume 20ml each of Yearn, Prose, Ascend, Neea and Aretha Gift For Unisex

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Neea EDP 20ml:- Gentle and graceful in its composition, Neea whispers in flowers. It’s not an opulent bouquet of flowers displayed at the center-table. It’s the subtle blooming of flowers next to a pebbled stream. Prose EDP 20ml:- Wear Prose when you are ready to hold attention and are dressed to impress. With a scent that’s both woody and refresh, Prose spells character and sophistication. Aretha EDP 20ml:- Wear Aretha when you want to get into the flow of the moment, without creating a storm. Perfect day fragrance! The presence of juicy peach and crispy pear in the top notes lends a weightless freshness to this fruity floral composition. Yearn EDP 20ml:- When you want smell fresh all day long, seamlessly moving from work to walk, party to solo treks, wear Yearn. Ascend EDP 20ml:- Wear Ascend for evenings out or intimate gatherings when your intention is to make your presence felt.


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