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Dakhoon Al Safa Oriental Bakhoor 200gms for Home and Dakhoon Raashid Oriental Bakhoor 200gms for Home Pack of 2

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DAKHOON AL SAFA: Dakhoon or Bakhoor is an Arabic term for scented bricks or pallets which is a combination of a variety of contemporary fragrances and an age old art of natural handmade incense which is blended in traditional ingredients mainly powdered wood soaked in exotic essential oils mixed with other aroma ingredients such as Musk powder, Amber, Rose, etc. A small amount of this is enough to transform your home into a fragrant oasis with a long-lasting effect. And is usually used to grace special religious occasions, Meditation, Relaxation, wedding & welcoming guests at home and offices etc., and a more customary use is when women use it to give their clothes an exotic smell. DAKHOON RAASHID: Dakhoon or Bakhoor is the name given to wood chips that have been soaked in fragrance oils like Oudh, Rose, and citrus essential oils to add crisp notes to the vapors' fumes. It is largely used in Home fragrance, Office fragrance, religious places / meeting. Often the pieces are burnt over coal or electric burner to spread the fragrance in the atmosphere.


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