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ARTISAN - JUNIPER BLOOM DEODORANT 150ML: Juniper Bloom is a modern aromatic-Fougera fragrance for men who feel their presence with ease and strength. Along with fresh citrusy lemon and blood orange, the hint of spicy juniper berries gives a versatile character to this fragrance. The heart has intense notes of nagarmotha, and lavender softened by the softness of geranium. This scent settles on the skin with the warmth of cedarwood and patchouli and the vetiver's lightness, making it apt for exuberant evenings and summer holidays. ARTISAN - LAVENDER LUST DEODORANT 150ML: This opulent fragrance opens with the sweet freshness of apples balanced by the citrus hints of lemon and bergamot. Lavender Lust is an excellent option for women who don't prefer the quintessential feminine fragrance and gravitate towards something subtle and woody. The fragrance's heart is deep and sensual with the sage, lavender and drydown. The base note is a seductive blend of tonka beans, vanilla, amber and cedarwood, giving a distinct woody trail to the fragrance.ARTISAN - ORCHID LOVE DEODORANT 150ML: Orchid Love is created for women who love drama, mystery, and luxury. You might find yourself in unchartered olfactory territory with top notes of black currant, truffle and Amalfi lemon. However, it’s a matter of seconds before the senses are engulfed in the warm and familiar embrace of gardenia, jasmine, ylang ylang and orchid. The earthy base patchouli, incense, and sweet vanilla ensure that your presence is felt whenever you wear this. ARTISAN - MYSTIC AMBER DEODORANT 150ML: Mystic Amber is a dark, seductive evening fragrance that mesmerizes with the first touch. Pepper and mandarin in the top notes may appear sharp for the initial few seconds, but slowly, the floral heart of carnations, jasmine and rose starts to bloom on the skin. The base's leather, amber and patchouli give the perfume strength and character. This ambery woody is a versatile fragrance for any time, anywhere.


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