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How to buy fragrances online in 5 Easy steps

How to buy fragrances online in 5 Easy steps

Intro: The distance between you and your signature perfume could be a swipe away. The expert team at Ajmal shares pro tips to buy a fragrance online without smelling it.

The first step to buying fragrances online is not getting intimidated and looking at it as a fun project. You always have to do a little soul-searching when looking for fragrances, whether for yourself or your loved ones. The smell is invisible, but cues are found in the bottle, colours, ingredients, and fragrance families.

Here's our 5-Step guide to home on to your fragrance:

1. your fragrance family

Typically, the universe of fragrances is divided into eight dominant fragrance families: fresh, floral, oriental, fougere, woody, chypre, and gourmand. How do you figure this out sitting at home? Begin by listing down perfumes which you are using presently and which you love. Go online, and run quick research. Researching sounds tedious, but you cut down the chances of buying something you wouldn't like once you get this figured. Also, for a well-rounded fragrance wardrobe, you can experiment with multiple fragrance families. It's good to keep in mind that lighter, fresher florals and light woody musks are more for summer or day wear; the heavier, darker, oriental fragrances turn out better for the winter or intimate evenings. 

2. Pick the colour 

There is a connection between the colours you gravitate to and the notes in the fragrances you gravitate to. A fragrance packaging holds a big hint of what to expect, especially when looking at global perfumery brands. For instance, pink fragrances are usually floral-fruity or floral-powdery and appeal to the romantics. To channel a cheerful vibe, pick one of the yellows, which are floral-citrusy compositions—similarly, bottles in shades of blue reference the sea and pack in marine notes. If you are looking for evening wear, check out golden or black bottles, which will carry fragrances that are oriental and indulgent. If you like something off-beat, look for fragrances in lavender or purple hues.

3. Research the brand

Crafting fragrances is an art, and knowing the perfumer or the perfume house helps as you can then consider what the artist or the nose brings to the bottle. As each designer has a distinctive style, each perfume or perfume house also has a signature flair. For instance, Ajmal stands for trust, innovation and craftsmanship. That means every fragrance with our label will be created with certain integrity towards ingredients as we are a farm-to-fragrance brand, and we are growers ourselves. We know our ingredients, and in no formulation do we compromise with the quality of ingredients. 

4. Look for Fragrance Minis

While preliminary research on perfume families, the colour and the brand eliminate the chances of ending up with a fragrance you won't like, invest in miniatures or 20 ml discovery sets to try something that piques your interest. 'Discovery sets', typically a set of minis, more substantial than single-spray testers, allow you to discover a collection of new fragrances at a fraction of a cost. They are convenient and can be easily slipped into bags or drawers to touch up your fragrance on the go. 

5. Know your 'perfume type'

Fragrances are crafted to evoke an emotion or a memory. Match your mood to a fragrance to amplify it, or use a scent to switch to a different mindset. That's why at Ajmal, our tagline is Crafting Memories! Reach out to a fruity floral fragrance when you feel edgy or excited and want to be calm and comforted. Citrusy notes of mandarin, bergamot and lime instantly energise and are great companions when you want to feel uplifted. Aquatic notes help you get into an active mode, hence they are preferred for day wear when you need the fresh energy to carry you forward. Oriental notes sync with our vibe of being noticed.

For best results, layer your perfumes. Layering doesn't necessarily mean spraying two perfumes on top of each other. It could be that and more. You can spray one scent on the wrists, another on your neck and yet another in the hair, or you could layer different concentrations. You could apply a scented lotion, follow with a mist and finally an Eau De Parfum. Get creative with your scents and sensibilities.