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Native Forest For Unisex Eau De Parfume 100 ML

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  • Charming and contemporary idol and just as enchanting as the sound of wilderness.
  • Created for the individual who carries love for forest and nature in their heart.
  • Indulge into this aromatic fragrance that gets better with every note being revealed.
  • The true beauty of this perfume is in sillage and linear composition which is admirable.
  • A perfume so good youÕll want to spritz twice, or even three times for that matter.

An alluring fragrance that gently introduces the eternal charmer who makes everyone swoons with a smile and scent. A seductive perfume that gives that appealing vibe of the woods. With the essence of handpicked ingredients blended for this gorgeous fragrance to feel every moment when you wear it. The top note makes you colorful crisp with sweet-smelling scent separated out of Fresh Lavender. Which later develops in to ambery aroma with the elements of Vanilla Absolute. Whereas Sian Benzion Resinoid and Tonka Bean has been used at the base to formulate the perfect powdery fragrance for the base note. A spellbinding fragrance for the individual who loves the enigmatic nature and its beauty and loves it flawlessly. The distinctive character of the fragrance sets it apart from others making it the perfect perfume to add in the fragrance collection.

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